Imposed Image: Mother (1981-84)

In the permanent collection of the University of Lethbridge, Alberta

This photo installation consists of 60 black and white ‘ 16” x 20” photographs, which in their totality make one work. I have photographed individuals of various sexes and age groups from below the eyes to above the waist. Every person wears a pin, which I bought at a fair in Saskatoon, which says MOTHER. The pin, reflecting notions of commodity and surfacing from the junk jewelry genre, is the same in every photo; only the person changes.

I am interested in the different meanings that may be derived from the work in connection with the various persons represented. The piece is in the realm of social comment dealing with roles, images, stereotype and social posture.

All photographs were taken by me and printed by me. The individual photos shown are an excerpt from the larger installation.

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