Works on paper (1988-1992)

The paintings with hieroglyphics……1988-1991

Some painted in my New York studio during a self funded sabbatical year.

For a period of time I produced a range of paintings using Egyptian hieroglyphics. I have always been intrigued by codes, visual, linguistic…..As I scan these paintings I see between 1988-1990 I had lots of optimism . These works display magical power, overcoming evil, spells and sometimes very powerful women who take care of business.

People have always asked me, “What do you paint?” I guess I paint stories here…filled with spirits, and safety and magic. I produced some of these during a sabbatical in New York city where I also had an exhibition. It was an amazing time.

Ink, gouache, watercolor, color pencil, oil pastels, acrylic

Measurements approximate

45 small works on paper
6 large works on paper